Cross the Finish Line with The Inner Voice at Run Home Chicago

Given the recognition and support that Run Home Chicago’s first inaugural race has received from local organizations, homeless advocates and hundreds of Chicagoans, imagine the potential for our future races and how they could positively and genuinely improve the lives of our homeless community. With over 26 years of experience, The Inner Voice Inc. can attest to having gone far and beyond to achieve incredible growth, which our Run Home Chicago race can only dream of. After 26 years of hard work, The Inner Voice is Chicago’s largest single agency serving single adults and families, and is the access point for emergency and trasitional shelter for any and all Chicagoans who find themselves homeless and needing help.

Every year Inner voice assists at least 13,000 homeless people all over Chicago, thanks to the expansion of its operations to nine shelter residences, six social service programs and three permanent housing programs for persons with disabilities. Last year, Inner Voice provided 315,781 meals, placed 571 individuals into full-time jobs and helped 731 households secure permanent, stable housing. The Inner Voice offers Housing and Rental Assistance Programs, Interim Housing Programs, Employment and Educational Programs and Vertan Housing and Supportive Services Programs, all to help men, women and families obtain temporary or permanent housing, conseling services, utility assistance, or get help maintaining housing when emergencies occur.

Although these accomplishments are significant, the true measure of the agency’s success will be a steady reduction in the number of households that are impacted by homelessness. In the years to come, the Inner Voice will continue to partner with groups and individuals that share their vision to dramatically reduce Chicago’s homeless population.

To run with the Inner Voice, please view their Charity Profile Page on our website for more information.