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A Note From The CEO – June 2021

picture of Christine in frame on table


Thank you for your support of the Primo Center. So much of what transpired between March 2020 and today will leave a lasting mark on everyone. Amid a global pandemic, Primo Center remained open, and our team continued providing services under more stress than ever before. Along with my team, I gathered resources and knowledge to ensure that everyone at Primo Center, whether a client or employee, was as safe as possible. Our team stepped up and showed a level of dedication and resiliency in serving our clients that I will never forget.

This past year was wrought with pain, frustration and sadness for many and compelled all of us to reflect on the systemic issues plaguing society. Our nation, and local communities, were reeling from the impact of the lockdowns caused by the fear of COVID-19. Then, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis stunned the nation and highlighted the need for less talk and more action to directly address the historic injustices against Black and Brown people—which have also contributed to the disproportionate rate of Black and Brown people experiencing homelessness. Our response must be to create opportunities for equity and equality for underserved communities. As a leader, I am witnessing an honest effort and focus on ensuring more diversity and inclusion at Primo Center and across society.

Predating the pandemic and social unrest, I recognized the gap in opportunities and access to quality resources felt by so many of the clients and communities served by Primo Center. As CEO of Primo Center for over 13 years, I have sought to eliminate the gap and create parity in our services compared to communities receiving an abundance of attention and resources. Looking into the future of Primo Center, I see us continuing to do comprehensive work to ensure every family that comes through our doors has their best opportunity for success. With your support, Primo Center will achieve the mission no matter what obstacles we may encounter along the way.

My continued wish for good health and success to all,

Christine Achre, CEO

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