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Meet Our Trainer: Jean Jourdain

Jean Jourdain is a certified master trainer and has been at Primo Center for about 9 months providing individualized fitness training for the staff.


Jean Jourdain standing outside


Primo Center CEO, Christine Achre, initially asked Jean to help ensure the staff was in optimum mental and physical health during the opening phase of the pandemic (July 2020) to cope with the added demands of Covid-19. In his own words, Jean shares what a career in fitness means to him:

I can honestly say that this group is one of the hardest working and joyful groups that I have ever encountered. I am inspired by their dedication and compassion for helping homeless families. I feel very fortunate to have been adopted by the Primo team as their fitness coach!

I chose the fitness profession because it catered to my strengths and background. I have extensive experience in exercise and conditioning from so many years of participating in sports and undertaking a variety of strength regimens. I also have an outgoing personality that people find encouraging as they seek to improve their physical well-being.

What gives me the greatest satisfaction is watching people give their all towards improving their health. When I see someone feeling like they want to quit, I’m able to talk them into hanging in there and finishing strong. I am thrilled to observe people’s self-confidence and well-being improve. Everyone should feel good about themselves and I embrace my role as an active participant in the process. It also brings me great joy when someone’s quality of movement, strength or appearance changes for the better.

My goal is to motivate and educate the staff on how to properly exercise and understand the health benefits of doing so for the long term. I hope that my positive influence sustains their enthusiasm and that they in turn will motivate loved ones and others to do the same.

Working with the Primo Team makes me feel more connected to the community. I can extend my arms and reach people that I might not have encountered in my daily life. I appreciate being able to build friendships with this group of people who work tirelessly to help others each day! They in turn appreciate my efforts and value the fitness center and training opportunity that Christine and the Primo Center Board made possible.


Jean Jourdain


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