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Heroes of The COVID Crisis: How Christine Achre of Primo Center helped provide shelter for homeless children during the pandemic


An Interview With Phil La Duke Originally published by Authority Magazine. Practice Active Listening. A large part of effectively supporting our community is by practicing active listening. We practice active listening every day with our families and learn a lot more about their needs, concerns, and general feelings about their situation. We have to lend… Read more »

Primo Center Partners with Global Gift Registry to Raise In-Kind Donations for Homeless Chicago Women and Children


Primo Center, Chicago’s largest and highest performing provider of services and shelter for homeless children and their families, becomes the first Chicago recipient and partner of Global Gift Registry. Created during the COVID-19 crisis, The Global Gift Registry, channels the resources of a diverse group of women to provide essential resources to expectant women and… Read more »

A Note From The CEO – May 2020


It is hard to believe that it has been three months since the pandemic upended life in this country. While many people have been sheltering in place, our frontline staff has been working tirelessly to serve our homeless families in this difficult and ever-changing situation. Primo Center’s community of supporters has stepped up in ways… Read more »

Combatting COVID-19 Through Community Collaboration


Every person, family and business is affected today by COVID-19. Families with unstable housing feel the effects even more severely. At Primo Center, we feel the pandemic’s impact throughout the organization and on the lives of the children and families we serve. The pandemic has intensified our clients’ challenges and created new obstacles for us…. Read more »

Resolving to ending family homelessness

Do you ever find yourself making the same resolution every new year? We do here at Primo Center, and it is simple: End family homelessness in Chicago. While we have yet to reach this ambitious goal, we are not discouraged. In fact, our resolve, persistence and incredible staff are helping make significant progress. More families… Read more »