PCWC Chairman Quintin E. Primo III Featured in Chicago Magazine

April 4, 2006 – Chicago Magazine profiled Quintin E. Primo III, Chairman of the Primo Center for Women and Children in its April 2006 issue called “The Money Issue”.

Primo was quoted as saying, “Being African-American, you cannot escape poverty. It is part of the culture. There is not a single African American in this country who does not have a relative who is poor.”

As far as the shelter that is named after his father, Quintin E. Primo, Jr., the Chairman and CEO of Capri Capital Advisors said, “We are changing lives one family at a time, and we are doing it in a very spiritual, supportive non-judgemental fashions.”

The cover of the April, 2006 issue features Oprah Winfrey.

Click here to read the article written by Margaret Littman.

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