Primo Center For Women and Children Receives Generous Donation from Board Member Marc Jacobson


Chicago, IL – Primo Center for Women and Children is pleased to announce that board member Marc Jacobson, a registered agent with the Northbrook Office of the Prudential Insurance Company of America, arranged for a $16,000 donation to the center and personally matched that donation for a total of $32,000.

A check was presented to Quintin E. Primo III, Chairman of the Board of the Primo Center on July 22, 2015 when Jacobson won Prudential’s President’s Trophy July 22, 2015.  Jacobson requested that a portion of the money spent on that celebration be donated to Primo Center for Women and Children.

“Not only did Marc Jacobson arrange for Prudential to donate a sizeable amount of money to the center, but he went a step further and announced he was doubling the donation to a total of $32,000,” said Primo. “Marc is one of those types of people that definitely thinks about the importance of assisting others who need a helping hand.”

“I was happy to arrange for this donation,” said Marc Jacobson, Registered Agent with Prudential.  “It’s very important for me to give back and matching Prudential’s donation was the perfect way to make an impact for a charity I have long supported.”

Prudential’s President’s Trophy is awarded to those achieving the highest level of sales by helping to meet the financial services needs of his or her clients with insurance and financial products.

left to right: Pete Bohner, TVP Prudential Advisors, Caroline Feeney, President Prudential Advisors,  Quintin E. Primo III, Chairman of the Board of the Primo Center, Marc Jacobson National Honor Agent and National Production Leader, Lauren Jacobson, Steve Pelletier, Chief Operations Officer

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