Englewood Community Kitchens

Englewood Community Kitchens Mission & Purpose

Englewood Community Kitchens at the Primo Center (ECK) is the newly created community space for the Greater Englewood community to gather together and improve health outcomes through positive food experiences and personal wellness. Englewood Kitchens includes a full-service kitchen as well as a larger classroom space outfitted for hands-on cooking classes and other educational events for adults, children and families.

This community space is supported by Whole Foods Market and Whole Cities Foundation and given to the Englewood community to make their own. Englewood Kitchens is designed to enhance organizations that promote strength, power and resiliency through nutrition education, cooking classes, stress reduction techniques and wellness initiatives. Those organizations are encouraged to bring their events and programming to this space.

three women working in the kitchen

Englewood Kitchens is located at 6212 South Sangamon inside the headquarters of Primo Center. For 40 years, the Primo Center has empowered homeless families to become productive, responsible and independent members of their communities. With their new facility in Englewood, Primo Center is expanding their capacity to address health and wellness opportunities with homeless families and all Englewood residents. Whole Foods Market and Whole Cities Foundation are excited to partner with the Primo Center in this endeavor to increase the capacity of organizations in the community to provide programming and education around healthy eating and wellness through food.

Potential uses of the Englewood Kitchens space include:

  • Intimate cooking demonstrations gathered around the main kitchen space
  • Larger hands-on cooking classes with individual cooktops for the instructor and participants
  • Nutrition and wellness programs presented in the main classroom space
  • Yoga, tai chi and other movement classes
  • Team building food events centered around producing and sharing a meal together
  • Reception events for community organizations in Greater Englewood and other groups that work in health and wellness

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