Our Story

Forty years ago, the late Bishop Quintin Primo, Jr. and a group of concerned leaders came together to establish the Primo Center for Women and Children to create opportunities for families to overcome poverty.

With compassion, tenacity and many good-hearted friends, the Primo Center has responded to their needs with innovative housing, health care, early childhood development and other supportive services, addressing the unique needs of the entire family.

Thanks to the very special dedication and generosity of our supporters, board members, volunteers and staff, the Primo Center has developed the capacity to help more than 700 women and children in need each year find safety, stability and bright futures.

We’ve grown larger but no less connected than we were in 1978 to the families who come to us seeking a path out of poverty and homelessness, a way forward after experiencing domestic violence, and a fresh start in life. The Primo Center has become a transformative partner for them, providing services, resources and hope to help families reach their full potential for independence.