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Job Title: Facilities and Maintenance Manager

Reports To: Chief Executive Officer

Appointed By: Chief Executive Officer

Job Description

Primo Center is seeking a qualified Facilities and Maintenance Manager to lead security and maintenance staff to ensure our buildings and grounds are clean and safe. The Facilities and Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring that all Primo Center properties are properly maintained and compliant with all relevant regulations. The Facilities & Maintenance Manager oversees all aspects of building functions and guarantees the safety and functionality of all facilities. Duties include running routine safety inspections, corresponding with contractors, planning maintenance work, maintaining records, and supervising facilities staff. Our ideal candidate is well-versed in facilities management processes and exhibits high multitasking and organizational abilities.

Job Duties

  1. Responsible for all day-to-day facility related operations including scheduled maintenance, repairs, upgrades, work requests, and emergency situations at all Primo Center facilities. Oversees multiple third-party vendors and subcontractors.
  2. Oversee facility operations adhering to the safety and compliance standards set forth with local, state, and federal legal requirements.
  3. Track all training of maintenance staff relative to OSHA standards.
  4. Perform preventative maintenance work on a regular basis and complete repairs requested through work orders or identified by inspection. Maintain a work-log to document all maintenance work performed. Assist with cleaning. Paint, patch and repair wall damage as needed.
  5. Maintain parking lots, fencing, grounds and ensure seasonal maintenance, mowing, and tree/hedge trimming are performed.
  6. Maintain and repair furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Maintain Building HVAC systems and change filters as needed. Monitor fire/safety/security equipment, and work with maintenance staff to assure a safe and supportive environment for residents, staff, and volunteers. Organize and record all fire, safety, and security inspections for compliance purposes.
  7. Assess each maintenance issue to determine if it can be handled easily internally or if there is the need for a third- party vendor. Complete a Statement of Work for third-party vendors. Approach each request with reducing long term costs to the organization and stewardship of funds in mind.
  8. Monitor and inspect buildings and premises for fire, security, and safety issues. Schedule all health and fire safety related testing with contracted vendors and keep accurate records of all inspections.
  9. Ensure the grounds of all properties are well-maintained with snow removal, yard maintenance, mowing, and contracting 3rd party vendors as necessary or coordinating volunteers with the Development team for specific projects needed.
  10. The Facilities and Maintenance Manager will work closely with and manage a team of janitor, maintenance, and security professionals. The Manager must have a strong sense of urgency, with the ability to identify issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. The Manager must be excellent at delegating tasks to others and scheduling multiple types of services according to the business operations’ need and budget.
  11. Research, analyze, negotiate, and review bids for project proposals and procurement of equipment in accordance with grant standards and contracts. Select and oversee a team of outside vendors when needed for projects, monitor and review work performance for quality, accuracy, and completeness.
  12. Maintain an updated list of all vendors, suppliers, and contractors. Develop good professional relationships with preferred vendors.
  13. Maintain an inventory of all equipment, materials, and supplies. Keep these items safely stored. Assist in review of capital asset review and develop schedule of routine maintenance and repairs.
  14. Maintain organization’s fleet of vehicles, including coordination of licensing and registration. Ensure insurance documentation is available and routine maintenance is performed. Coordinate services and requests for auto service.


Commitment to Primo Center Mission
High School Diploma + training and work experience in related field, and/or military service.
10-hour OSHA certified training.
Minimum of five years in a position that includes responsibility for facilities management.
Must be available for after hours, weekend and on-call work, as needed.
Must possess a valid driver’s license and pass background check.
Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office, and facilities management software.
Ability to use available technology such as smart phones, tablets etc.
Ability to lift heavy objects and do other labor-intensive tasks.
Excellent time management, multitasking skills, leadership, and problem-solving skills.
Basic understanding of accounting and finance principles.
BA degree in related field or equivalent combination of education.
Certified Facility Manager (CFM), Facilities Management Administrator (FMA), Certified Property Manager (CPM)
credential, or equivalent.
Advanced mechanical and/or plumbing skills.
Knowledge of HVAC and other building systems.
Experience planning and maintaining facility budgets.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Professional leadership experience.