Primo Center for Women and Children Helps Homeless Victims of Hurricane Katrina

September 14, 2005 – It’s not very often that families in a homeless shelter get a chance to lend a helping hand, but that’s exactly what’s happening at the Primo Center for Women and Children (PCWC).

PCWC residents are packing-up items such as clothing, toys and other supplies that will go to the aid of victims of Hurricane Katrina. PCWC has collected the items, and will be donating them to the Jane Addams Hull House, which will use the items to help Hurricane Katrina evacuees, who have relocated to the Chicagoland area.

Staff members, residents and the PCWC Associates Board sorted and boxed the items Monday and Tuesday. Representatives from the Jane Addams Hull House will pick-up the donations this afternoon at three o’clock.

“We are grateful to the Jane Addams Hull House for generously offering their 
services that allow us to help Hurricane Katrina survivors,,” says L. Heather Mitchell, President of PCWC’s Board of Directors. “At the Primo 
Center, we take our mission seriously to assist families in their journey 
toward self-sufficiency. We feel honored to extend our mission to the

“While partnerships between non-profits are common, the tragedy from Hurricane Katrina has created a new type of partnership,” says Mark Tisdahl, Special Projects/Volunteer Management Supervisor for the Jane Addams Hull House. “Typically, we are fighting each other for the same dollars, the same donations of toys, clothes, food, etc. Over the last several days, I’ve heard people suggest that tragedy brings us closer together. The donation from the Primo Center for Women and Children is a fine example of the needy helping the needy.”