Primo Center for Women and Children CEO Christine Achre speaks at Under One Roof Conference in London

Chicago, Illinois – July 5, 2016 – Primo Center for Women and Children (“Primo Center”) Chief Executive Officer Christine Achre spoke at the Under One Roof annual conference in London on Tuesday, July 5th. Ms. Achre discussed psychological trauma and how to work with those affected.

The annual Under One Roof conference is a two-day event that promotes networking, learning and debate homelessness and supported housing issues.

“The Under One Roof conference shows that the problem of homelessness is a growing problem around the world,” said Ms. Achre, who is a highly sought-after speaker on the topic of services for homeless, having worked with homeless families over the past two decades. “It’s events like Under One Roof where we can come together to find common ground where we can all work together to try to come-up with solutions.”

About Primo Center for Women and Children
The Primo Center provides a continuum of housing solutions combined with mental health and support services to homeless women, men and children. The agency is committed to breaking the cycles of poverty, violence and homelessness, allowing families to eventually thrive in their home communities. Learn more at

About Christine Achre
Ms. Achre is presently the CEO of Primo Center for Women and Children, a comprehensive social services organization located in Chicago and focused on breaking the cycle of homelessness in families. As a trained clinician with expertise in trauma-informed care, Ms. Achre has provided services to homeless families since 1995 and has focused on program development, research, and clinical practice, geared towards the implementation of best practices for homeless families. She has also worked within the children’s mental health sector and has participated in the dialogue on the administration and financing for a comprehensive system of care for children.