Cross the Finish Line with The Inner Voice at Run Home Chicago

Given the recognition and support that Run Home Chicago’s first inaugural race has received from local organizations, homeless advocates and hundreds of Chicagoans, imagine the potential for our future races and how they could positively and genuinely improve the lives of our homeless community. With over 26 years of experience, The Inner Voice Inc. can attest to having gone far and beyond to achieve incredible growth, which our Run Home Chicago race can only dream of. After 26 years of hard work, The Inner Voice is Chicago’s largest single agency serving single adults and families, and is the access point for emergency and trasitional shelter for any and all Chicagoans who find themselves homeless and needing help. Learn More >

Lincoln Park Community Shelter has 33 Runners So Far!


To reshape the lives of homeless Chicagoans throughout our city, Run Home Chicago is gathering runners, walkers, our energy and our thoughts to emphasize the prevalence and state of our homeless population. While this is our first attempt in gathering a community of hundreds of Chicago’s runners and homelessness supporters for Run Home Chicago, Lincoln Park Community Shelter regularly uses community involvement to empower homeless men and women to make life changes. The Lincoln Park Community Shelter (LPCS) is a comprehensive social service agency serving adult men and women who are experiencing homelessness. Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, the LPCS has been providing shelter and other basic needs to our homeless neighbors for 25 years. Today, the LPCS provides interim housing, meals, and a targeted array of social services to over 300 people each year. Learn More >

Renaissance Social Services does Run Home Chicago

This year’s Run Home Chicago first inaugural race could not have been as influential or paramount for Chicago’s homeless community had it not been for the hard work of our local non-profit organzations. With 15 years of experience, Renaissance Social Services Inc. (RSSI) is helping end homelessness in Chicago through prevention, housing and supportive services and has continued to expand their agency’s visibility to the general public; these consequential and trivial initiatives not only promote a space and context for our Run Home Chicago race, but also help challenge the everyday misconceptions of those affected by homelessness. Learn More >

Inspiration Corporation to Race at Run Home Chicago

We all know that becoming a passionate race runner is tough, a simple fact that all participants of our Run Home Chicago races could easily vouch for. But for Inspiration Corporation, our race highlights a more complex transition that they strive to achieve everyday–that is, helping people affected by homelessness and poverty achieve economic, domestic and emotional self-sufficiency. As a partner organization of Run Home Chicago, Inspiration Corporation is running with us to spread awareness of their endeavors and mission throughout the city of Chicago. Learn More >