Primo Center for Women and Children Receives Generous Donation from International Hair Care Company, Avlon Industries KeraCare® Brand

Chicago, IL – Primo Center for Women and Children (“PCWC”) is pleased to announce the center has received a significant donation of products from Avlon Industries Inc.’s. The company has donated $16,000 worth of its KeraCare®, a highly attractive hair care brand.

“When families seek shelter at the Primo Center, they often come in lacking some of the most basic essentials for grooming. We are grateful to KeraCare for filling this major gap which will immediately improve their grooming, and, most importantly, increase their sense of self-esteem and self-worth” says Christine Achre, CEO of PCWC.

PCWC will include the products in holiday baskets they provide to residents, who are currently in the program, as well as women who were formerly in the program that are still in need of assistance.

About Avlon Industries Inc. – Avlon consists of 9 fully developed departments including R&D; Marketing; Manufacturing; Education; and Test Salon. The Educational Staff, comprised of 175 technical consultants, is responsible for the proper usage of Avlon products. “When you see our motto, ‘The Science of Hair Care®’, the words mean that our chemists have developed some of the most innovative hair care products in the world, for the multi-cultural market” says Dr. Syed, the master chemist behind Avlon’s Science of Hair Care. In addition to nationwide distribution throughout the United States, Avlon now has international customers in Canada, Western Europe, the Middle East, Caribbean, South and Central America and Africa.

About KeraCare® – KeraCare® has a diverse product portfolio that includes shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that can maintain any hair style without compromising the strength and health of the hair and scalp. KeraCare® has recently updated most of their products with gentler detergents, ingredients that are more moisturizing or have included revised preservatives that will put the highly health-conscience consumer at ease.